I Can See Color: Journalist
Ever wonder about IG jobs? Want to apply, but don't know what to apply for? This blog is for you!

- From : Skyler Midleus

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Ivy Ryung

Ivy Ryung AH I love this! Great job, Benny! I absolutely agree with Benny in many places! Everyone go apply for mystical report if it sounds interesting to you! We're a lovely team and truly, there are a lot of cool benefits! Not to mention that Benny is an amazing colleague!

Benny Laboy

Benny Laboy Aaaah, thanks again for interviewing me! This was just lovely!

Natalie Paige

Natalie Paige Great interview! Now that I've returned I'm trying to figure out Natalie's next steps for her future. I half thought about her father applying for Minister of Magic, then I realized I didn't want to doom the world too much... lol. But tempted to make myself a journalist...

Banned user

Banned user This one was interesting nice job Skyler

Sapphire Whitethorn

Sapphire Whitethorn That is an awesome article!

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