Muggle Mayhem
Muggles can be quite confusing. However, their products and everyday things can be even more bewildering. Even without magic, they made some very interesting things. In this blog, we're going to make those objects easier to understand so you won't have trouble with using them.

- From : Amy Curtis

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Amara Falaguerra

Amara Falaguerra wait, wait- i have to type the number and all that?? what? that's just too much work for my little brain. no wonder why we use the owls. i mean, so much easier. i just write the note and shoo my owl. she knows where to go eheheh

Sylia Mikealson

Sylia Mikealson Amazing blog Amy! Love it!

Kelly Lundgren

Kelly Lundgren Love this! Cant even figure out how to enter 62442 to get into the Ministry.

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil Ooh this blog sure looks familiar (as I may or may not have also written it back in the old days ;D) What a wonderful job Amy!

Flora Collins

Flora Collins I love this blog Amy!! I can't wait to read more!! <3

Yami Amaya

Yami Amaya I love it Amy! A telephone is so interesting! But, I think owl post is just as helpful! Hehe. <3

Annabelle Tenebris

Annabelle Tenebris Oh, Amy! Different colors? That means I can have a pink telephone? Or a blue one? I would love one in one of these colors! I am really going to buy one, they seem so interesting! I will keep that article at hand after I'll buy it, just in case I would forgot something! Thank you!

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover Omg Amy! This blog was so amazing and such useful tips!

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