Why we love WoP US!
What’s special about WoP US? I asked multiple users what they think about this wonderful website!

- From : Hailey Avenne

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Vladimir Teppes

Vladimir Teppes Wow! Thats cool to hear! *coughs* Though you sure you want to plan the demise of MoM? *cough* ;)

Scarlett Joyce

Scarlett Joyce Why would anyone EVER plot Cas' demise...? *coughs*

Casimir Prewitt

Casimir Prewitt I admit I'm a little concerned about one of these answers, but over all what a great blog! Thanks for your hard work

Haldin Crosser

Haldin Crosser I did nothing wrong.

Isla Brisbane

Isla Brisbane Oooh this is refreshing! Yes, those are the reasons why we love WoP! Great blog, Hailey! ❤️

Autumn Reubens

Autumn Reubens oh my answer wasn’t included but I was consulted and did respond! ;)

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