Deck the Halls Winner Entry!
Recently, Plot Team has announced the winner to the Twenty Days of Christmas Deck the Halls competition. Let's take a look at her winning design.

- From : Crystella Desurra


Deck the Halls Winner!!!

For the past few weeks, Plot Team has been hosting the Twenty Days of Christmas event with fun activities such as hanging up stockings on the walls and exciting competitions such as the Deck the Halls competition. The Deck the Halls competition challenged users to create their own holiday design for their house’s common room. Recently, Plot Team has announced their winner: the lovely Alexandra Barrett from the intelligent house of Ravenclaw!

Here is her winning entry!

"Maybe, this year we would do an aesthetic blue and white theme for winter. It would suit our house colors as well as the season. We could add a few spots of red and green, such as pillows or christmas trees.

Christmas pillow with tree

We could hang banners that are pale blue and soft white on top of the windows as well as in the entrances. Maybe bewitch the ceiling so warm snowflakes are falling down. We could change all the sofas to a white and include red pillows here and there.

Blue and white living room

The floor could be changed so a white snowflake stood out from the pale blue floor and it would be surrounded by all the sofa's and chairs. This would be at the entrance while the desks and study type of things would be moved to the back, decorated with the same shades.

Image result for winter pale blue and white living room theme

On top of the fireplace we would hang white and blue stocking(based on gender) and it would change depending on what person came to check. Maybe we could also have a large mural portraying the scenes of christmas…"

Blue and white stockings



Congratulations to Alexandra for her wonderful design! I'm sure your fellow Ravenclaws will be very proud. That being said, the fun is not over yet! Plot Team is still hosting the final week of Twenty Days of Christmas so head on over to the Event Board to join in on the action. Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing you all the best during these special winter holidays!


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Banned user

Banned user Nice! Can’t wait to see the common room!!!

Joseph Switherbee

Joseph Switherbee That's very cool

Jacob Ryder

Jacob Ryder Beautiful Job. That would look great. Congrats

Destiny Scamander

Destiny Scamander Congratulations~ You did a very good job~ :)

Izzy Chang

Izzy Chang Congrats!

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