I Can See In Color - Assistant Teacher
Have you been looking for a job? This article highlights important facts and perks of joining the AT team, which you, might want to do! So read this article and see if you like it, you might just find the perfect job for you!

- From : Yami Amaya

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Joseph Switherbee

Joseph Switherbee This is such a great article series I think you've done so well with it, Yami

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil What a great blog! Kat is a really wonderful AT and I'm so glad to be on such a great team!!

Katherine Edwards

Katherine Edwards *hugs Evie* And an amazing Teacher! <3

Evelyn Wintersea

Evelyn Wintersea *hugs Katherine* amazing blog and an amazing AT!

Hale Grant

Hale Grant :OO what a lovely blog! I absolutely love this blog! I also really agree on Kath on a lot of things here as well with me being a flek as well. Loved it so much! <3

Katherine Edwards

Katherine Edwards Thank you for this incredible blig and interview Yami! It was truly an honor and a pleasure to do this with you!

Molly Edwards

Molly Edwards Wonderful job Yami! AT is rather fun indeed!

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