Tasty Times #006
Hello! hope you enjoy my blog :3

- From : raven olsi

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raven olsi

raven olsi tq! yes they are edible Nemo, why would I put it in my blog then??!and you didnt win cause you dont cook! and yes I would love to go with you! Ingrid can third wheel. Congrats! To Ada and Clover! and thats so cool eLODIE you have tasted butterbeer?

Elodie Wright

Elodie Wright Amazing blog Raven! congrats to the winners! Rock cakes as so cool and edible you all should try it out. I havent been to a harry potter themed food centre but I have tested butterbeer in a very odd shop? cant wait for the next blog!

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter ROCK CAKES! How is it that I've never eaten ANYTHING from Parry Otter? And, I've never been to a HP food center...but I would rlly rlly rlly like to taste Butterbeer! And if it'd be like Hogsmeade, I'd definitely NOT take a detour to Bonko's joke shop...

Adalia Black

Adalia Black YAY!! Hehe congrats to both myself, and Clover!! ;) Ooh, I've never been to an IRL harry potter themed food center, so lmk if one exists here! I'd absolutely LOVE to go!! To be honest, I don't know what I'd eat... I think it would mainly be for the experience, and anything would taste magical. EEK, thanks for another awesome blog Ravs! The recipe looks yummm

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