The Great Pet Extravaganza
Hogwarts if full of many different types of pets, in this series I will be interviewing a few students and their cute creatures!

- From : Celeste Vascoli

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Flora Collins

Flora Collins Celeste!! This is such a cute blog, I love it!!! <3

Evelyn Wintersea

Evelyn Wintersea This is the cutest! Amazing blog <3

Alexia Kelly

Alexia Kelly so cute! and yes please cuddle my pets :3

Banhi Patil

Banhi Patil This was so great! I loved reading about these pets! I can't wait to see more!

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover Celeste! This blog was so amazing!!!!!

Katherine Edwards

Katherine Edwards Love it! Makes me feel like it's a face to face conversation, amazing job!

Bianca Eloise

Bianca Eloise CELESTTEEEEE When I saw this I literally freaked out I was so excited. I am going to be counting down the days until your next blog comes out asdfghjkkjhgfdsd

Molly Edwards


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