Chocolate Frog Recipe
The famous frogs, the very delicious frogs! Well, chocolate frogs of course. These little fellers are very easy to make, and very tasty as well, just make sure to close your window when you eat them!

- From : Althea Lestrange

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Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne What if they start hopping on their own?

Raine Starr

Raine Starr uuuggghhh my parents won't let meee

Hermione Millard

Hermione Millard My mouth is watering! Great article, Althea!

Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy Great! And now I'm hungry!

Alex Hykel

Alex Hykel I'm gonna go give myself diabetes over these /jk Thanks for the recipe! :]

Heiyu Tsang

Heiyu Tsang Perfect recipe as usual, Althea! Thanks so much!

Madeline Salvador

Madeline Salvador exactly what I needed this week! thanks Althea gonna have fun now :D

Brayden Scott

Brayden Scott Delicious!

Alice Dumont

Alice Dumont My kind of recipe! I want to try these. Great article, Althea!

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd This is so simple and easy to make! Great article, Althea!

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