Through The Classes Volume 1
Don't you love to take the classes here at the castle? well here i am going to be telling you about why they are important for you to learn

- From : Bella Shelby

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Isabelle Nightshade

Isabelle Nightshade BELLA, I love this so much! This is such a creative and wonderful idea. Def. looking forward to the next one! <3 (And to taking Astronomy next year :D)

Cassiopeia Quinn

Cassiopeia Quinn Super wonderful blog, Jello-Bello! You never fail to amaze me with all your talents! I can't wait to see what else you do in your new job!

Peach Barrows

Peach Barrows oooh Astronomy's my favourite class on here :o it's super fun, y'all should totally take it :3

Skyler Midleus

Skyler Midleus What an amazing blog Bella! You're so talented and have so many amazing ideas. I might have to enroll in Astronomy when it's time. And maybe I'll actually do the work. I can't wait to see more from you!

MeiLing Warner

MeiLing Warner GASP yes, I absolutely adore astronomy. And I love this so much!! <3

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Great job! I was never interested in Astronomy but maybe I will actually take it up after reading this when I get into year 4!

Christian Brady

Christian Brady Great Job. Now I want to do Astronomy when I get to year four

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