Harry Potter MMORPG - A Fan's Dream or Reality?
A Harry Potter MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game) is what most of us Potterheads dreamed of, and while we were blessed with many games within our beloved fandom, we are simply lacking something we yearn for - creating our very own story with as little limitations as possible. This is why we dare to compare World of Potter US with well-known games such as Baldur's Gate or World of Warcraft. Intrigued? Then read more.

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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Eva blake

Eva blake Great article and i am like in love with this game it is so fun and you get to make tons of friends

Kai Alloway

Kai Alloway TO be honest I wish we had a game like this site, with Hogwarts legacy and multiplayer. combined. Then you could create a character, attend classes, do homework/mini games. Attend meals etc.; I would rather work on classes and creating characters that interact in the world then most of the quest lines.

Archimedes Catigern

Archimedes Catigern I think this site is amazing because it allows you to experience the sense of wonder you felt when you opened the HP book and for the first time read: “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” <3

Billie Easton

Billie Easton **brr brr... error fixed... comment restored***
I don't even like Harry Potter too much but damn is this site truly a dream! For me, the layout of everything so soothing and appealing to me and is what got me hooked. There is no small text here and there, most things are in place for good reason and the UI is very easy to operate!! With a lot of things to do as well on site, whether it be grinding out gradings and homeworks or developing spectacular backstories *wink wink*, everyone has something to look forward to! This site is a huge W

Billie Easton

Billie Easton I don

Meridia Stawarski

Meridia Stawarski This site instantly became my favourite place to be as soon as I joined. I love it's interactive and immersive elements. I love how you can build your characters, make friends and most of all be a part of hogwarts itself. I think the most appealing thing to me about this site is the sense of community and responsibility. As well as commitment from all the staff members. This, to me, is what makes World of Potter such a magical site ♡

Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland I really love reading everyone's comments! I haven't been around as long as most of you guys, but everyone is so motivated, creative, and kind. Happy to be part of this community, thank you all :3

Marilhéa Faulkner

Marilhéa Faulkner Yay! The real magical experience, it's here ♥

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne For those who are wondering, WoP even features its own resident badass in yours truly!

Theodore Levale

Theodore Levale This is LITERALLY the closest one could ever get to experiencing Hogwarts at their own pace and interest, so it’s nice that it’s venturing on to MMORPG :) I’ve been on the site for a month now and clearly everything exceeded my expectations, from meeting such wonderful and imaginative people, both users and staff, and writing topics and lessons. Really a great highlight of my day I must say :)

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf Oh this is fantastic! Never thought of it this way, but where else you can be anyone you want, turn your dreams of living in a Magical World into a reality, and make a History?! One of the many reasons why this is such a great site and people keep coming back <3

Sienna Granger

Sienna Granger Fantastic article! WoP is a great site, and I love it. There are so many MMOPRG concepts, ideas, and character development, and it is just amazing! To have pets, lessons, be able to write and be a character, all proves the creativity that everyone has done to make WoP a true, real, magical experience <33

Brenda Taylor

Brenda Taylor This is a great article! Nice job!

Iphigenia Lakewood

Iphigenia Lakewood Amazing article! I'm really looking forward to the future developments of WoP! I never actually thought it could get any better than this since the site, alongside its wonderful community, already makes it the BEST place for any Potterhead to finally live their dreams of attending Hogwarts and even grow as creative writers of their own story! ^^

Asmodeus Whitlock

Asmodeus Whitlock As a big MMOPRG gamer (WoW and then GW2) this is absolutely what I wanted! I was absolutely crushed that Legacy wasn’t truly MMORPG but I love it here because of the concepts it has that I’ve cherished so much ❤️

Hana Miyazaki

Hana Miyazaki If you think of it that way, it could very well be considered an MMORPG yes! And a pretty great one at that. The sky's the limit when it comes to getting the most out of your creativity here, there's so much to do ~

Avery Shepherd

Avery Shepherd The users on the site making it the wonderful place that it is! I've met so many amazing people, and getting to roleplay this character and experience the ups and downs on their magical journey is so rewarding.

Ren Kitano

Ren Kitano we make it more the fun !!!

Shay Carver

Shay Carver The pets are the best part of WoP! And the people. And the potions! And classes! Oh my gosh, I can't decide! Great article and a wonderful reminder of why we all love this site!

Valentina Demusz

Valentina Demusz This is a great description of WoP! There is so much to do on World of Potter. I promise, you'll never get bored!

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