Harry Potter Wands: The Potters
Wands come in many different shapes and forms and are representative of its wielder's personality and character. Some of the most interesting wands belong to the Potter family, even if some mysteries have yet to be answered.

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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William D'Angelo

William D'Angelo blackthorn and ashwinder ash, 11.5 inches. Kinda want another wand for backup though. Just in case of course. Not like I'm going to do anything questionable, I mean why would I do that..

Kai Alloway

Kai Alloway Walnut and Thestral hair, 10.5 inches. "It's a versatile wand good at Duelling, Divination and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Magicians with such wands will most often be versatile and have multiple talents."

Aurora Sanchez

Aurora Sanchez I've got two wands, to swap around when I need it. I've got Blackthorn and Ashwinder ash and Walnut and Thestral hair, perfect for Aurora's personality.

Archimedes Catigern

Archimedes Catigern I’ve got Rowan and Demiguise as well xD Great for someone pure hearted and sensible, amazing for transfiguration and charms :) And get this, it has never been owned by a bad wizard!

Harry MacGonnagalfson

Harry MacGonnagalfson I've got Rowan and Demiguise hair, 11 inch :D It is a great wand :)

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne I have three, actually. My old trustworthy student's wand: ebony and ashwinder ash, 10.5 inches, an illegal acromantula wand (for academical purposes of course) and the one I currently use: yew, dragon heartstring, rather rigid, 16 and a half inches, similar to a heavy duty rock band drumstick. The latter always worked better for me.

Nolan Booker

Nolan Booker i love the coding and how informative this article is! my wand is a Elm and Runespoor tooth, 11 inches, but it looks like everyone has their own interesting wands as well!

Percival Evercrest

Percival Evercrest Oak and Hippogriff claw, 13 inches. My irl life wand by pottermore is Ebony wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 3/4 inches and reasonably supple

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf Such an interesting topic and a wonderful post! Mine is Beech and Thestral hair. Since Druids used beech for rituals connected to Time, Wisdom and Knowledge (even muggles called beech 'bok' in the past), when you add the loyalty of a Thestral you get someone creative, considerate and knowledgeable. Only time will tell if my wand chose the right witch. ;)

Nyssa Fields

Nyssa Fields Maple and Dragon heartstring , 11.5 inches. My rl wand, as chosen by Pottermore is hawthorn and dragon heartstring, 10.25 inches. I love the dragon heartstring core

Iphigenia Lakewood

Iphigenia Lakewood Honestly loving the types of wands we have on the site! And it's wonderful information what's shared and featured in this article, as well as knowing the wands of our beloved community! ^^ Mine is a 10.5-inch wand made out of Walnut wood with a Thestral hair core.

Ikaika Holmes

Ikaika Holmes My wand is 13 and a half inches, made of yew wood, and with a dragon heartstring core. Avella Moretti has the same!

Asahi Matsudaira

Asahi Matsudaira Great to see what kind of wands others have and what their strengths are! Can't really comment mine as it's in the article already xD

Asmodeus Whitlock

Asmodeus Whitlock Oooo asmo mention!! Maybe it’s not asmover 8) I didn’t know that’s why James couldn’t defend his family. I always wondered. Anyway, great blog!! A willow wand makes me wonder what we can do with the Whomping Willow…

Olivia Bourne

Olivia Bourne i think at this point everyone knows which wand i have xD loved this post andrew! wands are so interesting :D

Avelle Moretti

Avelle Moretti woah thats me :o wands are so cool hehe

Ren Kitano

Ren Kitano Mine is a Ebony and Kelpie coat, 10.5 inches: The wand for the independent, smart and loyal magician who could belong to any of the four Houses. The magician will be in possession of a wand suitable for Occlumensy, Transformation and self-defence magic and generally a very skilled wand within all branches of magic. The wand is the perfect match for the person who stays true to his or her believes no matter what others say.

Julian Yang

Julian Yang omg that's my wand!! And Harvey we have the same wand core! And whoa Harry Potter paid 7 Galleons for his wand?? That's a bargain!

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