Crookshanks the Cat… or Kneazle?
Crookshanks was an undeniably interesting pet, and while he was not exactly put in the focus of the Harry Potter series, he played a very important role. Find out more about his background, some fan theories revolving around him, and why he was essential for the storyline of the trio.

- From : Andrew Sutherland

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Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland Crookshanks is so adorable, I think I would want to get a mixed breed as well! :D

Auriga Wolf

Auriga Wolf I love Crookshanks! Such an intelligent and amazing animal with amazing abilities! And his looks? So he will never win a 'supermodel of the year', that's ok! He has much more important qualities and attributes! I think that his "oddly squashed face" makes him look distinguished, remarcable and striking. Oh, I cannot wait to buy a kneazle and have my very own 'Crooks' <3

Asmodeus Whitlock

Asmodeus Whitlock Hey. My kneazle is super cute. I can’t say the same about Crookshanks…. but to each their own!

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