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Welcome to Zodiac Academy. A blog where the zodiacs become Hogwarts students. A blog where you can learn about yours and other zodiacs as well. Welcome to Zodiac Academy. The lesson starts now.

- From : Carina Warner

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Jade Techer

Jade Techer Thank you for carrying on my blog ever since I left! You are the perfect person for the job!!

Lexi Bautista

Lexi Bautista This was so good Carina! Absolutely an amazing read, I can't wait to read the other signs! It's always interesting to read your take on how people fit into certain Hogwarts related things based on their zodiac signs. <3

Mira Astaret

Mira Astaret This was brilliant! I'm actually a Gemini IRL, and this fits me PERFECTLY! I like the second-half bit, because I kind of have found my second half in my best friend and I didn't realize it until now :3

Ellis Davies

Ellis Davies Cari! Ahh! Thank you for putting a positive light on us Geminis. Usually people don’t trust us. ;3; And holy cow, you’re spot on! My irl house is Hufflepuff and my first site job ever was salmon. :000 There’s so much thought you put into your blogs. ;u; This was another stellar one, Carina~

Maxi Olympotens

Maxi Olympotens This is a brilliant blog Carina! As an astronomy nerd, I pride myself on knowing quite a bit but this blog taught me loads, especially the bits about where they would fit into Hogwarts!

Holland Rose

Holland Rose Carinaaaaa! This was such a wonderful blog, I loved it! I learned a lot about the Gemini sign from this, and it was such a nice insight into their personalities and how they would fit in here at Hogwarts. Keep up the amazing blog posts, I'm really excited for the next one!

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