Amazing Creatures of Magic ~ Vol. 4
Have you ever wondered about all the different kinds of creatures of magic? Well, in each of these blogs, I will be picking a creature and giving cool and interesting info on that creature!

- From : Flora Collins

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Rye Finland

Rye Finland AMAZING! I learned so much from this! It really shows how fascinating these creatures are! Keep up the amazing work. And sorry for the late comment >.

Natalie Paige

Natalie Paige Great blog hon! Loved the read and the whole code and everything! Looks fantastic!

Valencia Salcido

Valencia Salcido Oh not sure what I want as my patronus, but I think I would love to have an occamy as a pet! Can you even have an occamy as a pet? Well that's something to go figure out!

Meala Sang

Meala Sang I always love this blog! :D I learn a lot about magical creatures from it n.n Occamies sound so coool! But I think Meala's Patronus has already been figured out!

Sylia Mikealson

Sylia Mikealson Eeek amazing as always Floo! Hm ocamy as a patronus? I haven't thought about Sylia's yet, so it could be an optionnn!

Ellie Clover

Ellie Clover Ooh! Occamy as a patronus? That's a hard question-but I think Ellie's patronus is already figured out :P

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