Should You Date Your Ex?
Ever wonder what to do when your struggling on whether you should get back with your ex or ditch them read here!

- From : Emery Levine

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Fox Darling

Fox Darling Err... definitely depends... Oh, young love.

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Exactly Zax, this is not meant to be an upsetting title this is to make people think about if it's really in their best interest to get back with there ex if so great! if not then that's not a bad thing either.

Banned user

Banned user The title is somewhat upsetting to me bit thats okay. And the answer to that for me IRL is yes. As long as your ex tries to fix everything he was doing wrong before you two broke up.

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Thanks!

Ezra Granger

Ezra Granger I LOVE this omg Em you are the BEST thank you so much <3

harry kofi

harry kofi i think so

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