World Of Magical Creatures Vol:1
Hello and Welcome to my blog. My name is Raven. In todays blog we will be taking a look at the most mysterious creature a Thestral .

- From : raven olsi

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raven olsi

raven olsi thank you

hazel lvanehime

hazel lvanehime very informative indeed

raven olsi

raven olsi Thank you!

Cordelia Maxwell

Cordelia Maxwell Congratulations Raven! Your blog is amazing and provides much trivia! Cannot wait to see more ;)

Serena Ivywood

Serena Ivywood YES RAVEN! Congrats!!! So excited to see more of your blogs :)

Skyler Midleus

Skyler Midleus Go Raven! Your blog is amazing!

raven olsi

raven olsi aww thanks Zahra. Rosalina I think you could say that

Rosalina Saulnier

Rosalina Saulnier So a Thestral is like a smart death dog when tamed.

Zahra Draco

Zahra Draco It’s so AWESOMEEE!!

raven olsi

raven olsi Thank you <3

Banned user

Banned user Ooo!! How fun! This is awesome Raven/Raisin!!! My wand has a Thestral Hair inside, so this was really interesting!

Sophie DiAngelo

Sophie DiAngelo oh, it's so informative and cool! great job, Raven! <3

raven olsi

raven olsi Thank you! I wuv yours too

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