Vin's Victorious- Volume 2
in this blog, you will learn about more users you may have seen around in maybe a new light!

- From : Crystella Desurra

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Selena Scamander

Selena Scamander I want a TWINKIE (actually never had them before) and thank you guys!! I'm really not that fabulous....

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Grey Thank you! A wonderful article! Selena, you are fabulous!

Adalia Black

Adalia Black TWINKIE DOODLE, what a fabulous interview!! :D Vin, you were excellent, as always, and Lena, it was awesome to get to know you better! I am so honored to be your friend, and I'm looking forward to studying with you two one day. And YESSSSS we love Herbology!! Thank you for an incredible interview, Vin! You're awesome!! ♡♡♡

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