Date Right: Signs He Likes You
Ever wonder how to tell if a guy likes you? Well look no further here are 12 signs that a guy might like you

- From : Emery Levine

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Ellias Fury

Ellias Fury Woahh- are we that obvious?- well, yeahh i do have a crush on a girl here.. can you maybe.. like write advices for boys?

Kiary Collon

Kiary Collon This is amazing advice. Thank you!

Ezra Granger

Ezra Granger hmm i will remember this

Keisuke Willows

Keisuke Willows Some very good advice there, Emery!

Achinthya Sriman

Achinthya Sriman oOoh this is so cool o: Overthinking, yes, been there- and I can certainly confirm, these are totally true ehehe- can't wait for the next article! o:

Cassiopeia Quinn

Cassiopeia Quinn Amazing article Emery! Really helpful thank you! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for these the next time a guy catches my eye as I do tend to overthink just a bit. Can’t wait to read the next article!

Will Potter

Will Potter :3 I can for sure tell you, that yes, this is how I am around Sloane, very much so, I like the remembering the little things

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Yes Kaden! We will do one regarding girls as well!

Banned user

Banned user really, I don't do any of those. nvm i do.. Anyways i came to ask if there is ways to know if a girl likes you? can you write one about that, cause this is no use to me.

Gabriel Warner

Gabriel Warner Very nice!

Emery Levine

Emery Levine Yes Ingrid those are two good signs try to look out for more though if there's only two and not as many it could mean just friends as well.

Ingrid Potter

Ingrid Potter Loved it! Honestly, this sounds more like me in front of my crush- But he DOES reply to my texts quickly and remembered the I like HP... that's a sign...right?

Lorelei Potter

Lorelei Potter Ty UwU now I'll add this to my book

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