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- From : Melody Santos

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Nelpherius Malfoy

Nelpherius Malfoy The Gossip is quite amusing lately. xD

Alistair Harkness

Alistair Harkness oh *blushes*

Hunter Witherwings

Hunter Witherwings Lol, gossip amuses me.

Ellie Bauer

Ellie Bauer Great post! Love it!

Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters Oh goodness... lol I forgot I approved this...

Emanual Lynly

Emanual Lynly Happy for Zelheart! And pleased for my boss, too!

Bex Savant

Bex Savant *applause*

Lorelai Greyrose

Lorelai Greyrose Awwwwww Alistair + Azrael <3 <3

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