Your Tarot Reading: Your Future Self
Welcome to your bi-weekly tarot reading. Since we are heading into a new year, I thought it would be a great idea to see what the future has in store for us by asking the cards to reveal a message from our future selves. Let's see what they say about you and your house.

- From : Maeve Everson

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Nadia Royale

Nadia Royale Wonderful tarot reading!

Edison Gyan

Edison Gyan Thanks Maeve! Wonderful tarot reading!

Lucy Fredrer

Lucy Fredrer Great Blog! Thanks Maeve!

Mira Astaret

Mira Astaret Ahhhh the project thing is accurate XD

Ellis Davies

Ellis Davies Gosh, sometimes there are spot on.. Wonderful blog post, Maeve! Can't wait for the next. ♥️

Malcalm Malfoy

Malcalm Malfoy Yes Maeve Well done indeed I wonder whom that dark one is they were referring to in Slytherin Reading was about what are they telling us

Jasper Kane

Jasper Kane I love tarot, this was fun to read! Thank you Maeve :-)

Violet Stokes

Violet Stokes Whoa! This is an awesome blog and it was such a joy to read! Except the fact us little sneks have some interesting things going on in the future, I'll keep my eyes peeled o.o Very well written and just wow!

Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee Fantastic article Maeve! This was such a wonderfully written blog, and I just can't wait to see more! ^-^

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